How Self-Esteem is Damaged

How Self-Esteem is DamagedSome parents inadvertently diminish their children’s self-esteem by interfering with or belittling their signals for interest and [...]

How to Help Your Child Build Self-Esteem

Focusing Appropriate Attention on the Child Babies thrive when they feel they are of genuine interest to you and are [...]

Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem

When a baby finds that her signals are validated and responded to appropriately — that troubles are soothed and pleasure [...]

The Foundation of Self-Esteem

From the first days of your baby’s life, you can lay the foundation for self-esteem by responding appropriately to your [...]


“It is interest…which is primary…[Interest] supports both what is necessary for life and what is possible…” — S.S. Tomkins, Vol. [...]

Responding to Your Infant’s Signals

We [emphasize] the role of early relationships in affect development and in the acquisition of affect regulating capacities. These are [...]

Your Baby’s Earliest Feelings – Part I

Let’s take a brief look at your baby’s earliest feelings. You might ask “How do you know my baby [...]

Part II – Your Baby’s Earliest Feelings: The Positive Feelings

What Do Feelings Look Like? Last time the discussion involved your baby's earliest feelings. The idea was introduced that human [...]

Part III – Your Baby’s Earliest Feelings: The Negative Feelings

SOS! We turn now to the built-in negative feelings. These are terribly important: they represent your baby’s way of sending [...]

Fasten Your Seatbelt! Are You Ready to Think About Feeling in a Totally New Way? (Part IV)

In the last few articles, the earliest feelings of your baby have been described -- feelings that are actually built-in [...]