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Self-esteem" is one of the most discussed issues among parents and infant and child developmentalists. Psychologically, self-esteem can become quite [...]

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Roy R. Grinker, Sr., M.D. (1900-1993)

Roy Grinker’s life spanned nearly the entire 20th century, and his influence on the development of psychiatry during that century [...]

Roy R. Grinker, Sr., M.D. (1900-1993) 2018-01-18T14:46:45+00:00

Silvan S. Tomkins (1911-1991)

This article describes the profound impact Silvan Tomkins had on our understanding of human emotions. It was written in collaboration [...]

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Other Experts of Note in the Field

Donald Winnicott (1896-1971) Donald Winnicott was an English pediatrician who became a psychoanalyst. He is especially known for his [...]

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