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Self-esteem" is one of the most discussed issues among parents and infant and child developmentalists. Psychologically, self-esteem can become quite [...]

Roy R. Grinker, Sr., M.D. (1900-1993)

Roy Grinker’s life spanned nearly the entire 20th century, and his influence on the development of psychiatry during that century [...]

Silvan S. Tomkins (1911-1991)

This article describes the profound impact Silvan Tomkins had on our understanding of human emotions. It was written in collaboration [...]

Other Experts of Note in the Field

Donald Winnicott (1896-1971) Donald Winnicott was an English pediatrician who became a psychoanalyst. He is especially known for his [...]

Child and Infant Development and the Problem of Physical (Corporal) Punishment

It is difficult to imagine anything more important than understanding infant and child development. One could make the case that [...]

Why Do We Still Spank (Hit) Children?

The Problem With Physical (Corporal) Punishment Why do we still spank children? The usual answer is to get them [...]

Effective Alternatives to Physical Punishment

The View From Psychoanalysis and Infant and Child Development Why do children — and adults — behave as they do? [...]

If You See Another Parent Hit a Child: What Could You Do?

The train was rolling west through the corn and wheat fields, and dusk was starting to settle in. We [...]

Alison Gopnik and the Cognitive World of Babies and Young Children

Alison Gopnik is at the center of helping us understand how babies and young children think and learn. She has [...]

How Young Children Understand Language Before They Can Talk

Hearing and Understanding When we talk about the importance of language in development, we almost automatically think in terms [...]