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Slovenia prohibits corporal punishment in the home

Bravo! We just received this wonderful news via Joan Durrant and the Global Information Network. On 25 October [...]

A Step-Child’s Guide to Step-Parenting

I first met my step-father when I was five, and my brothers were eleven and thirteen. He was not my [...]

Manager or Assistant: The Parent-Child Dynamic

Every teen has grand ideas about parenting. Despite the majority never having been responsible for little more than a houseplant, [...]

Q & A | How to talk to children about violent news events

Question: I wondered if you know of anything written about how to talk with children about events like the Orlando [...]

Paraguay prohibits all corporal punishment of children!

On 17 August 2016, the Paraguayan National Congress approved the Law on Promotion of Good Treatment, Positive Parenting and Protection [...]

From Infant to Toddler: The So-Called “Terrible Two’s”

Transition from Infant to Toddler When language comes on line, between about 1 and 3 years, a remarkable shift takes [...]

The Joyful Toddler – Mobility

A New View of Toddlerhood Three watershed developments characterize toddlers: mobility, self-awareness, and language. This article will focus on mobility. [...]

The Joyful Toddler

From Infant to Toddler: A New View of Toddlerhood Over the past many months, our newsletter has provided an overview [...]

“I Want to Be Like You, Mom and Dad!”

How and why children identify with their parents My son used to love to ‘shave’ with me. I would help [...]

Spanking & Other Physical Punishments – Revisted

Legislation is being introduced in the US House of Representatives to ban physical punishment in schools (HR 5628). Many medical [...]