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Smartphones and the Relationships Between Young Adults

Smartphones play a large role in the lives of young adults, it is how we stay informed and connected [...]

A Reflection on Year One of Community College

My first year of college was substantially different than I had anticipated, in ways both good and bad. For starters, [...]

Example of a Transitional Object

While watching a grandmother and her 1-1/2-year-old granddaughter the other day, the following occurred: The little girl was hungry and [...]

The Wright’s Are Right About Parenting

The following quotes are from David McCullough's wonderful book The Wright Brothers (2015). QUOTE #1 What a marvelous remark [...]

A Community College Success Story

Choosing to go to a community college after high school instead of a four-year university was not an easy [...]

A Conversation About Underage Drinking—Ideas From a Teenager

This November, I went to a gaming convention in California where I met long distance friends, drank, and got properly [...]

From the Spouse of a Person Who Suffers with Depression

The following is a heartfelt and insightful letter written by a husband whose wife suffers from depression.  I've [...]

Loveys, Stuffed Animals, and Pets

As you well know, children often have a teddy bear or some other fluffy animal or lovey to which they [...]

Kids and Tech: When and How

by Amelia Watkins In the last decade or so, media itself has become obsessed with the condemnation of technology [...]

The Curious Human

Interest, or curiosity, appears to be one of the nine or so feelings—or responses to stimuli—with which we are born. [...]